6 months, it took me 6 months of flying my first drone to learn to fly it without crashing, it took me another year to learn to fly it well and even longer to gain the skills I needed to be able to charge money for my drone video and photo work. I want to help you learn to fly your drone like an expert and to use it as it is meant to be used: a fantastic tool to capture great video and photos from the sky!


Learn to fly safely and build the skills to fly your drone well.

Combine your controls to create professional results.

Capture stunning photos and videos from the air.


All in an easy step by step process

built to teach you the skills needed to capture professional shots to build a drone business on or just set your videos and photos apart.

Take your first steps today

Learn to fly your drone to capture videos and take photos that will tell a story, set your work apart and really capture peoples attention.

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